About Us

Silverbirch canoes are owned and operated by passionate paddlers James Dennis & Steve Childs.

Both James & Steve are involved in every aspect of the day to day business – from production management to product design, research & development, and quality control – ensuring their obsessive attention to detail in design not only spills across into the end product but to the entire ethos of the company.

As an extension of this attention to detail every canoe is made in our own purpose built production facility in Norfolk, United Kingdom by skilled craftsmen. Our industry leading quality control system digitally records every aspect of a canoe’s production and testing process, ensuring consistent quality and full traceability of materials.

All new designs undergo a rigorous testing and set up process before production begins. We optimise plastic distribution to ensure boats are as durable and light as possible, and tune the cook cycle to ensure the polymer is perfectly cured. Every production canoe is then tested at QC for peace of mind.

We are a paddler run company, designing and manufacturing boats we love and are proud of, and we intend to remain that way!