Jerrod Jones Rebel 11 Tennessee 1

Rebel Overview

The Rebel is so new you'll have to wait to even get an overview.


“Whether you are looking for more speed from your OC1 or a natural transition from your traditional canoe, the Rebel is the boat for you”

James Dennis - Silverbirch canoes director


“This is a glorious boat! Silverbirch have really outdone themselves. This boat will be at home on any moving water, and won’t even be too objectionable on the flats”

Phillip Prince - Silverbirch ambassador and test pilot


“The Rebel is fast, nimble, dry, and made of high quality PE, so it can make those big water moves and take a beating in the creeks!”

Jerrod Jones - Silverbirch ambassador and test pilot


In the meantime, head over to our Facebook page for updates on the development of this radically new entry in our white water range.

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